Santiago v. State

The trial court in this criminal case did not err in admitting the testimony from the State’s cellular communication expert, Allen Hagy, and did not err in admitting evidence of Defendant’s silence during an investigation by his automobile insurer that was related to and concurrent with the police investigation in this case. After a third trial, Defendant was convicted of crimes associated with the murder of LaToya Taylor. The Court of Appeals affirmed the convictions, holding (1) the trial court properly exercised its discretion when it found that a sufficient factual basis existed in admitting Hagy’s expert opinion testimony, and the trial court’s decision to admit the testimony was not made in an arbitrary or capricious manner; and (2) there was no clear abuse of discretion in the trial court’s ruling to admit evidence of Defendant’s silence during the investigation by Defendant’s automobile insurer. View "Santiago v. State" on Justia Law

Posted in: Criminal Law

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